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Getting Veneers

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Veneer Lounge’s Comprehensive Process

Have you looked into the mirror, smiled, and wished you could tweak a few things about your teeth? We’ve all been there. While identifying the issues you want to resolve may be simple, we understand that getting porcelain veneers in Dallas, Texas, may feel overwhelming. That’s why we work hard to give patients an exceptional experience at Veneer Lounge! Keep reading to learn more about our complete process and what makes our services unique!

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Before The Consultation

Let’s be real — your first touchpoint begins before the veneer consultation. You can easily contact us by texting or calling (214) 214-7790. Or you can request an appointment through our website. From the moment we connect, we will greet you with a warm hello, and our team is happy to answer any initial questions you may have. We will find a time that works best for you and schedule your complimentary consultation.

Traveling long distances and needing luxury hotel accommodations? We’ve got you covered! Our patients can stay at the official hotel of the Dallas Cowboys, OMNI Frisco at The Star. Just let us know you’re traveling to Dallas while you schedule your appointment, and we will ensure you have a premier place to stay during your visit.

The Consultation

At Veneer Lounge, we provide each patient with a hands-on veneer consultation that typically lasts an hour. And from the moment you walk through our doors, you have our undivided attention. No waiting areas or long delays! You are immediately greeted and taken to your private consult room.

During your consultation, you’ll meet our doctors (veneer specialists) and discuss what you like and dislike about your smile. There is complete intention from the moment you begin talking. Our doctors pay close attention to how you naturally speak, how many teeth are noticeable while speaking, how your mouth moves, how you laugh, and more.

We will take a photo of you and then use advanced technology to scan your upper and lower jaw to assess the health of your bite. Our doctors take the time to evaluate the scan and other features that are important when customizing your smile, including:

  • Facial structure
  • Smile line
  • Personality
  • Gender
  • Mouth size
  • Jawline
  • Other facial features

Our doctors then provide personalized recommendations while educating you on what needs to be done. Whether you have a destructive bite, TMJ, or a healthy bite, we will create a customized treatment plan to give you a healthy and beautiful new smile that you’ll love.

Next, we create a before and after simulation of your smile, so whether you need a full-mouth rehab or traditional porcelain veneers, you’ll be able to visualize your final results in detail (and take it home to look at)!

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We believe everyone should have access to a beautiful smile, and our team will discuss our various financing options to find one that suits your needs. Some people may need time to think their decision through, and that’s completely okay! We’re here to serve you whenever you’re ready.

The Prep Appointment

Once you choose Veneer Lounge, it’s time to start preparing your designer smile! Each Prep Appointment lasts 2 ½ to 4 hours, and you have our doctor’s undivided attention. We begin by polishing your natural teeth to allow enough space for the porcelain veneers to be applied on top of them (don’t worry, we don’t do “shark teeth”). And since dental veneers are a final restoration service (lasting 20+ years), we will remove any old restoration and decay from your natural teeth. We can do full-mouth restorations in one sitting, and your comfort is our top priority. We understand this is a very vulnerable process, which is why we always provide premium amenities and ensure you are comfortable.

As soon as you sit up, you’ll be able to see your brand-new smile! Our skilled doctors will create temporary dental veneers made of durable plastic so you can preview the results while we create your porcelain veneers. Then, we will do a quick bite adjustment to ensure they sit inside your mouth correctly, and you get to leave with a beautiful temporary smile!

If you’d like to adjust the shape or color, just let us know! We believe everyone deserves to have the smile of their dreams without any unexpected charges. In fact, we never nickel and dime, and we provide all-inclusive bundle pricing that includes your temporary and permanent veneers, temporary and permanent veneer retainers, and all adjustments.

What happens if you go home and want to implement feedback from your family? That’s completely okay! Your input is always valued. Our team simply asks that you request major changes within three days of the Prep Appointment, but we can finalize the finishing touches during your actual Seat Day (permanent veneer application). Just remember to trust the process! Our doctors’ eyes are trained for ensuring every minor detail of your smile is taken into account when creating your custom treatment plan!

The Seat Day

The moment all our patients look forward to — Seat Day! This 2 ½ to 4-hour appointment happens two to three weeks after your Prep Appointment. We’ll begin your veneer application process with a non-cementation try-on. Our specialists will place small water droplets on your teeth to make the dental veneers temporarily stick. If you love the way they look, it’s time to permanently cement them down!

Once we cement the veneers, we will complete any tooth reshaping the patient requests. Our team also asks patients to come in the following day for a final bite adjustment once the numbness wears off. At the end of the second day, we will do a photoshoot to show off your new smile! Whether you need a new professional headshot or just want to show off your teeth to friends and family, we will give you the perfect pictures to make it happen!

Porcelain Veneers in

Dallas, Texas

Are you thinking about getting porcelain veneers in Dallas, Texas? Let us give you the smile makeover you deserve at Veneer Lounge in Frisco, Texas! Our veneer specialists are industry experts and are ready to assist you. We design fully customized veneers for each patient, taking into account their facial structure, mouth, ethnicity, and more. Click the button below to schedule your consultation. We look forward to hearing from you soon!