Veneer Lounge cherishes the significance of your comfort and enjoyment during every dental encounter. Dr. Shaggy and Dr. Tania are committed to providing a first-class experience with an assortment of lavish amenities to transform your visit into a true indulgence. Our offerings include:

  • Streaming access to Netflix
  • Plush neck pillows
  • Luxurious weighted blankets
  • Invigorating warm towels
  • Soothing aromatherapy
  • Refreshing beverages


You can also freshen up after your appointment with our sumptuous vanity area to rejuvenate before you carry on with your day.

Should you have any inquiries about these comfort enhancements ahead of your consultation with our esteemed dentist in Frisco, Texas, feel free to contact us at 214-214-7790.