Veneer Mastery

Transformative Cosmetic
Dentistry Course

Join our first ever comprehensive course where you’ll master the path of cosmetic dentistry. Learn the ins and outs of patient consultation, veneer preparation day, and veneer seat day. Our program ensures your ability to enhance smiles and master effective communication with patients AND labs for a seamless journey. Perfect for dentists eager to delve into the cosmetic arena. Elevate your practice and boost your confidence with this transformative course.

what our course offers

  1. Live in person AND hands on!
  2. Comprehensive overview of cosmetic dentistry principles.
  3. Developing effective communication strategies for patient consultation.
  4. Understanding the nuances of smile design and customization for individual patients.
  5. EnhanciNg diagnostic skills to assess and communicate treatment needs to patients.
  6. Mastering the art of creating mock ups to aid in patient communication and expectations
  7. Building a patient-centric approach to treatment planning for successful case acceptance.
  8. Establishing a seamless workflow for collaboration with dental labs. RX/scheduling
  9. Implementing best practices in case documentation and record-keeping
  10. Communicating final shade selection and biological factors to consider
  11. Mastering preparation design best for lab to create porcelain veneer
  12. Proper communication for prescription for lab understanding: what are they looking for
  13. Exploring advanced adhesive techniques for durable and lost lasting veneer placements
  14. Developing proficiency in managing patient expectations throughout the treatment journey
  15. Cultivating a mindset of continuous improvement and staying updated on evolving cosmetic dentistry techniques
  16. Fine-tuning marketing strategies to attract cosmetic patients into your practice.

Get excited for this in person lecture at the historic Dallas Cowboys Headquarters!

Cost: $4000

16 CE hours



DMD aka Dr. Shaggy

Dr. Shaggy was born in Dallas and raised in Plano. She is passionate about making a difference in the community where she grew up. Shaggy was Dr. Shahriela’s nickname given by her brother, Brandon, at a young age, and it stuck. She is now known to her patients and around the community as Dr. Shaggy. She started her love for dentistry as a dental hygienist and decided she wanted to provide more comprehensive care to her patients and made the decision to return to school after working clinically for five years. She graduated from Western University of Health Sciences in California and came back to Dallas after graduation, knowing that was where she wanted to build her practice. Dr. Shaggy had a wonderful childhood in Plano, and as fate would have it, there was no better location than The Star, just footsteps from the Dallas Cowboys’ headquarters! She knew her calling was cosmetic dentistry and has invested all of her energy into creating the perfect smiles for her patients.

Dr. Shaggy opened MODERN BITE DENTISTRY as a start up and quickly became known for her cosmetic work. She decided to brand her cosmetic side as VENEER LOUNGE in July 2022. Her passion for smile makeovers has inspired her to teach and mentor other doctors that are eager to join this exciting specialty.

Dr. Shahriela Ganjoor is a highly esteemed professional and a member of reputable dental associations, including the Texas Dental Association, the ADA, the American Academy of Clear Aligners, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and she is proud to be recognized as a Gold Provider for Invisalign.

final Details

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DATE: September 27 - 28

Time: Coming Soon

If you know Dr. Shaggy, you know it will be an eventful weekend.

You will experience the DALLAS COWBOYS way in luxury.

Get excited to learn from someone that had a start up practice and is building a career in cosmetic dentistry. You will leave motivated and excited to change people's lives with CONFIDENCE!

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